Different Types of Customers Who Purchase Digital Pet Portraits

Types of customers who purchase digital pet portraits in Canada

At first glance, you might think that pet owners are the only people interested in buying digital pet portraits. However, that's not the case! There are all sorts of different types of customers who purchase our digital pet portraits. Take a look:

Pet Stores: Believe it or not, pet stores are one of our biggest markets for digital pet portraits! They love to use them as part of their store display since they're such an eye-catching and unique item. Plus, they make an excellent gift for pet parents looking for something special for their furry friend. 

Pet Groomers: Many pet groomers purchase our digital pet portraits to hang in waiting areas. They find they help calm nervous pets (and their owners!) while waiting to be called back for their grooming appointment. And, of course, they also make the groomer's business look top-notch and professional.

Veterinarians: Like pet groomers, many purchase our digital pet portraits to hang in their waiting areas. They've found that the calming presence of a cute animal can help take the edge off anxious pets (and their owners). In addition, vet clinics often use them as part of their marketing and branding efforts. For example, they might use a portrait in ads or on social media to show off the "face" of their business.

Pet Photographer: Pet photographers often buy our digital pet portraits to display in their homes or offices to show off their four-legged clients. They also include digital pet portraits in their package as a complimentary service, which will undoubtedly stand out!

Pet Lovers: Obviously, we get a lot of orders from people who adore animals! These customers might not even have pets of their own—they appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a well-done animal portrait. This is one market we never expected to be so big when we started!

Family or Friends: Believe it or not, people often buy digital pet portraits as gifts for friends or family members who own pets. It is Christmas time, so why not get one for your loved one?

As you can see, there's a wide range of different types of customers who purchase digital pet portraits! At MyPetraits, we also offer a cash-back referral program where customers can earn up to $9 for each successful referral. It is a win-win! 

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