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Our Story

We are a team of animal lovers and enthusiasts who believe that our furry friends deserve the very best.

At MyPetraits, we create beautiful personalized pet portraits that perfectly capture your pets and their personality that will last for a lifetime.

In addition, we take pride in the ability to support the local humane societies in the best way possible.

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Our Mission

MyPetraits' mission is to make custom pet portraits affordable for everyone.

More than 90% of pet owners do not have a pet portrait for their furry friends, mainly due to the price affordability and availability of the artists around.

However, we set out to prove that pet owners don't need to compromise - digital pet portraits are more fun, convenient, and environmentally friendly. Plus, they are more accessible to printable projects such as phone cases, T-shirts and more. You name it!

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Our Future

MyPetraits started with custom pet portraits, but it will not stop there.

With additional plans in the works, MyPetraits will continue to offer increasingly affordable digital pet portraits while retaining the premium quality and customer service.

We look forward to a pleasant, life-filled journey with you.

Live Chat Support

Chat with our local Canadian support team 7 days a week. We are always happy to help!

100% Happiness

You have three days after receiving your pet portrait for any final revisions, and it's FREE!

100% Hand-drawn

Each piece is beautifully hand-drawn on a digital platform by our professional artists.

Fast & Free Delivery

We know how much your pet means to you, and will deliver it to you within a week.