Top 5 Popular Cat Breeds in Canada

Top Five Cat Breeds in Canada | MyPetraits Blog

Nowadays, an increasing number of people choose to have dogs and cats as their pets. According to statistics, as of 2020, 58% of Canadian families report that they own at least one pet. 23% of these families have at least one cat, and 13% of them have both cats and dogs. Among so many cat breeds, have you ever wondered what kind of cats are the most popular in Canada? Here are five of the most popular cat breeds in Canada, and why not make them a pet portrait?

  1. Domestic Shorthair
  2. American Shorthair
  3. Domestic Longhair
  4. Siamese
  5. Ragdoll

Domestic Shorthair Cat

Domestic shorthair is a mixed breed of cat from different places, and each breed will have a different appearance and personality. This is the result of crossbreeding through various breeds. There are many variations of this species, and tricolour, orange, and tiger cats are extremely common.

Advantages of raising a Domestic Shorthair:

Great personality: ending on the genetics of the mixed breed, the Domestic Shorthair's character will be different. But in general, this cat breed is friendly, playful, and easygoing. Perfect as a pet cat in the family.

Variety of coat colours: Because they are a mixture of various breeds, they come in endless combinations of colours and patterns. 

Healthy: Due to their mixed parentage, Domestic shorthair is often not at risk for any unusual health complications and is not prone to allergies. Their life expectancy can be maintained at an average of 15-20 years.

Things to be concerned about when raising a Domestic Shorthair:

Obesity: The only condition that may affect Domestic Shorthair is obesity. They may be prone to overeating, which can lead to obesity and health problems associated with being overweight.

American Shorthair Cat

The American Shorthair is a working cat used to control the population of rodents. Since this cat is bred to work, it is born to be strong, healthy, and robust. In addition, since most live outdoors, the coat is bred to be thick to protect against the elements and keep the cat warm.

Advantages of raising an American Shorthair:

Good personality: The American Shorthair is full of love, calm, and gentle. They will love every member of the family.

Easy to care for: American Shorthair does not require constant attention. They are willing to play with people, but they can also have fun on their own.

Things to be concerned about when raising an American Shorthair:

Obesity: When raising American Shorthair, their nutrition must be carefully controlled. It is necessary to ensure that they maintain an appropriate weight and do not lose their health.

Coat Care: It is important for American Shorthair to be brushed daily. Especially during seasonal changes. Even a short-haired cat's coat can get tangled if it is not brushed regularly.

Domestic Longhair Cat

The Domestic Longhair is a mixed-breed cat and therefore does not belong to any recognized cat breed. Domestic Longhairs come in all genetically possible cat colours, including tabby, tortoiseshell, bi-coloured, and smoke. Domestic longhairs can have coats up to six inches long. They can also have a mane similar to the Maine Coon, as well as toe tufts and ear tufts.

Advantages of raising a Domestic Longhair:

Varied personalities: The personalities of domestic longhairs are as varied as their coat colour, making each cat unique. Most tend to be playful, affectionate, and easygoing; Some may be a little slow to warm up or prefer more space.

Comfortable coat: The coat of the Domestic longhairs is long and, therefore, very comfortable to pet. Domestic longhairs nestled on your legs can also bring you more warmth in winter.

Things to be concerned about when raising a Domestic Longhair:

Coat Care: The biggest problem for domestic longhairs is their coat. Long-haired cats' coats are easy to get tangled, so they need daily brushing. Also, they are prone to shed fur. Therefore, sticky rollers need to be always available for your clothes.

Siamese Cat

Siamese has a unique and beautiful appearance. Their face, ears, and limbs have a deeper coat colour than their body, and this darker colour gradually blends into the lighter shade of the body. The deep mask covers their face, surrounds the eyes, and covers the whisker pad. The kitten's front is more petite and gradually increases as they grow.

Advantages of raising a Siamese:

Dependent personality: Siamese is deeply affectionate cats who require their humans to be as devoted to them as they are to their humans. Some Siamese will have requests to play together.

Clever: The Siamese is brilliant. They can be trained. However, this does not mean that they will be obedient. Like most other highly intelligent breeds, Siamese has their ideas.

Coat: Siamese has short coats and does not require complicated care.

Things to be concerned about when raising a Siamese:

Obesity: Weight gain in Siamese can show up quickly. Siamese can develop a pot belly after indulging in a day of overeating. Therefore, nutrition must be carefully controlled.

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll is a large-sized cat with a long coat and tail. It is named for its gentle nature and the fact that it looks like a soft ragdoll when held.

Advantages of raising a Ragdoll:

Calm personality: The Ragdoll is a calm cat that gets along well with all family members. Changes in their surroundings usually do not upset them. They are perfect pets for people living in apartments

Beauty: Ragdolls are lovely cats, and their long, flowing fur is a big reason for their popularity. Ragdoll cats are also regulars in various cat shows.

Things to be concerned about when raising a Ragdoll:

Coat care: The coat should be brushed once a day to prevent tangles and fur shedding.

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