6 reasons to get a pet portrait for your pets

Six reasons to get a pet portrait for your pet | MyPetraits Blog

Pet portrait paintings have existed since men learned to draw in caves to mark our bond with these animals. Nowadays, it is no wonder why pet owners are willing to invest in their beloved fur baby.

Pets are more than just animals. As our pet grow, they become our best friends, family members, and close companions. They love us purely and unconditionally. So what can we do to honor these wonderful furry friends? Among all the gifts (treats, toys, etc.), a custom pet portrait might be the best choice since it will keep the long-lasting memories. We have conducted a few interviews with pet owners and here are the 6 main reasons they think a custom pet portrait is important.

    1. To immortalize or memorize your pet

Almost 90% of the pet owners list this as the #1 reason to have a portrait of their lovely furry friends. Indeed, these creatures live with you for their lifetime, and you’d like to be reminded of them. A custom portrait would honor your friendship with them, and would show the world just how much your pets mean to you. Further, it could be an amazing personal gift for a friend, family, or loved one.

    2. To help customize your home

Many homes are filled with paintings of the mountains and water. Why not add a piece of artwork to express your love of your furry companion? Custom pet portraits will definitely add a personal touch to your living space, and it brings more than just a painting. Just imagine waking up in the morning and seeing a portrait of your pet on the wall with a big smile on its face.

    3. To preserve your pets’ personalities

Pet portraits are different from photos, it can make your pets more unique based on artist’s painting techniques. Every painting brush or style can create a very different feeling, and the portrait can be presented more artistically. You can also choose the size, the medium, and painting styles! Remember, the pet portrait is not simply an art, it tells a story of your pet!

    4. A point of interest of social gathering

Your adorable pets can always be a favorite topic or bridge the gap of conversation when you have visitors. It gives a sweet and warm impression and makes your friends curious about the story of you and your pet. Furthermore, it will surely help avoid awkward silences!

    5. A more personalized way than photos

Pet portraits are different from photos; painted portraits can make your dog or cat more unique. Other painting materials can create a very different feeling, and the portrait can be presented more artistically. Unlike photos, you can choose the size of the portrait, the medium, and even have your pet portrait printed on your clothes, cups and more!

    6. The most important: love

A simple portrait can contain an infinite amount of love and memories. Unfortunately, our beloved pets do not live as long as humans; they grow up too fast. Having a portrait of your beloved dog or cat is a great way to honor its life after its passing and keep it in your memory forever because it still holds a special place in your life.

Overall, a pet portrait is a very worthwhile investment, especially on your pet's birthday. So why not get one from MyPetraits to show your unique love for your baby pet? :)


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