Why digital pet portrait is the best for your pets?

Digital pet portrait is the best option for your pet | MyPetraits Blog

Having a custom portrait of your cute furry friend is a very romantic and wonderful thing! However, there are so many options that people would be in struggle to choose from.

Then why not look at the new medium born out of the development of technology: a pet portrait through digital painting. Digital custom pet portraits may sound very unfamiliar. But, trust me, keep reading, and you will be surprised how amazing it is!

  • Variety of styles

With the technology advancement, digital pet portraits can give you all the styles you can imagine. Although it is digital, you can also get a watercolor-looking portrait of your pet; oil painting texture and pencil texture are also available. At the same time, digital painting has its unique style, so imagine your fur baby appearing in front of you in cartoon style. Isn't that amazing?

  • Diversified Uses

Unlike a pet portrait drawn on paper and framed, a digital pet portrait can be used anywhere. It can be printed on your clothes to express your love for your pet or on your phone case, T-shirt, mouse pad and more! There are endless customization possibilities for a digital pet portrait.

  • Add personality to your social media

The custom digital pet portrait can become your social media avatar or background. It is an excellent way to let more people know about your cute  friend. Of course, it can also be a good topic of conversation when you communicate with your online friends.

  • No risk of damage

Your digital custom pet portrait will be saved forever on your phone, computer or in the cloud. Compared to a pet portrait drawn on paper, there is very, very little chance that your digital pet portrait will be damaged by accident. As a result, you will never have to bother keeping the digital pet portrait.

  • No need to wait

As soon as the artist finishes your cute pet portrait, they can send the artwork to you through email. Compared to pet portraits drawn on paper, you don't have to wait for an extended delivery; it may only take 3-5 days of painting time, and you will have a nuanced portrait of your beloved furry friend.

I am sure you will ask me the price after seeing the outstanding advantages of custom digital pet portraits. Since digital pet portraits do not require paper and paint, they will be much cheaper than the normal ones, that is to say, the best quality at the most affordable price!

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