The most common pets in Canada 2022

The most common pets in Canada 2022 | MyPetraits Blog

As the quality of life grows, the rate of pet-owning families in Canada continues to grow. In fact, Canada has become one of the countries with the highest pet-owning rates in the world. Have you ever wondered what types of pets are the most popular in your neighbourhood?  

Pets in Canada

In Canada, the most common pets we see around are cats and dogs. According to a study in 2021, over 58% of families in Canada own at least one pet, 41% own at least one dog, and 37% own at least one cat. Fish are also very popular as a pet because the lower maintenance compare to dogs and cats.

Other Pets

Some uncommon types of pets, such as reptiles, are also very popular in Canada. According to statistics, in 2020, Canada had about 271,000 reptiles as pets, which is still growing. 

Pets for Kids

According to the study, most children prefer small and cute pets, such as cats, rabbits, hamsters, and birds. It is helpful for children to have pets when they are young. Owning a pet can develop a child's love and patience, allowing them to learn to be responsible for themselves and their furry friends.

Pandemic Effect for Pet Ownership

National Survey of Canadian reveals an estimated 3 million pets joined Canadian homes during the Pandemic. We can see pets are irreplaceable friends for many people in their lives, especially during tough times like COVID. Our furry friends give us love and companionships like our family and friends.


In Canada, pet ownership is still increasing. With such a high percentage of pet ownership, almost 90% of pet owners say they love their pets more than just treating them like animals; their pets have already become family. Although cats and dogs are the most common pets in Canada, each pet is unique to its owner. There's no need to follow trends. Choose the pet that suits you best and love them!

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